The production company that provides network channels such as National Geographic, the History Channel, and Global TV, was in need of a contract designer to finalize several ad designs. These designs are to be distributed across their PVR network and are in need of various design ratios and sizes. Therefore, this contract designer needed in-depth knowledge of Photoshop in order to expedite many assets at once.


Visual Designer


Corus Entertainment


One month




Visual Design


Art directors, photographer

My Approach

Working next to the art directors of Corus, I used their database of assets to recreate on-brand ads combined with any new raw files I had to edit, such as photos. All designs are made with accessibility in mind, ensuring readability and impact in any platform or device size.

Corus image designs Nat Geo and Global TV

As a freelancer, the benefit of experiencing different creative environments would be all the tricks I learn along the way. During this contract, working alongside some of the best art directors, I couldn’t help but pick up a few tips.

The Result

A new network of friends. Working at Corus, as many people in Toronto would describe, is a fun environment – with a slide right in the middle of the building (in case you need to get around quicker). The hiring manager was happy the ads were completed on time and although I was unable to stay longer, as a contractor, Sameer added me on Instagram.

Client satisfaction survey


Visual design assets

382 various sizes

Photos edited

12 raw files


Delivered on time


All assets WCAG compliant