Agile Production Management

AYCE Internet is a web design agency in Toronto with contracts ranging from service based to product eCommerce. With many new web projects coming down the pipeline, AYCE is in need of another project manager to deliver all client projects timely. This means communicating client feedback to a team of remote developers and designers and providing executable timelines.


Project Manager


AYCE Internet


One year and four months


Digital Services


Project Management


External design and development team


My Approach

Understanding of the overall project scope and work helps create efficient timelines. When organizing the multiple developers on my team, it was important to utilize a project management system such as JIRA to assign tasks and sprints. Every morning, I would conduct 1-1 Skype meetings with my team to discuss priorities and timelines according to JIRA tasks. As a project manager, with a design thinking understanding, I attempted to continuously communicate with my client on progress. By doing so, I managed to defuse many client issues.

The Result

Multiple custom websites built on various CMS platforms, based on the client choice, from Magento, Shopify to WordPress. Notable projects include Arrow Furniture, Avia Medical Systems, Cordcruncher, Westco, Rawley Resorts and UHWK.

website projects worked on